Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Google Maps lookup for Wikipedia articles

Placeopedia is a Google Maps mashup that connects Wikipedia articles with the places they represent. The idea is to create a browsable database that links to actual Wikipedia articles. From the creator: "We hope that lots of people will connect places they know with their corresponding Wikipedia article, and then our syndicated data can be used as a general geographic lookup table for Wikipedia".

Want an example? Matthew Somerville has added a pushpin to this Wikipedia article
about the town of York, in England:


When you click on the pin you link off to the article. The concept puts geographic association to wikipedia articles! Know of some good Wikipedia articles for this? Get placing and linking to help get this database started!

Some additional notes from the creator:

1 - The code for this (excepting Google maps) is open source, and
we'll be happy to give it to anyone who wants an off the shelf
annotation system for whatever purpose.

2 - Both sites syndicate their data freely, and in a
location-queryable fashion. This is really important, as it allows for
all types of nice local history to be syndicated to tourism sites,
local community discussion boards, blogs and so on.
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