Monday, September 19, 2005

Google Maps Mania: News Roundup

INTERNET TOURIST: Zoom in, zoom out - Web maps allow you to scout your trip
Kansas City Star - September 18th, 2005
“Guidebooks can’t match the amount of coverage that Google Maps offers,” he said. “Also, guidebooks tend to point out the most popular and easy to access spots. But with Google Maps, you’re in control of choosing a spot based on access, terrain, structure and other criteria that you may not find in a guidebook.” - Google Maps Mania gets a mention in this article! :) (read entire article..)

Look what I clicked on ... Snoop on the world's top secret sites from your desktop
Guardian UK - September 16th, 2005
The South Korean government wants answers from its US counterpart about why South Korean military facilities are on plain view to any North Korean spies. A Thai military spokesman said: "We are looking for possible restrictions on these detailed pictures.. Quite a few American bases, too, are present in perfect detail. Khanabad, the US outpost in Uzbekistan, is shown stacked with large jets. (read entire article..)

Independent software development results in new map-based services - September 14th, 2005
New Web sites from Google Inc. and Microsoft are encouraging independent software development, leading to new map-based services, according to (read entire article..)

Enthusiast uses Google to reveal Roman ruins - September 14th, 2005
Using satellite images from Google Maps and Google Earth, an Italian computer programmer has stumbled upon the remains of an ancient villa. Luca Mori was studying maps of the region around his town of Sorbolo, near Parma, when he noticed a prominent, oval, shaded form more than 500 metres long. It was the meander of an ancient river, visible because former watercourses absorb different amounts of moisture from the air than their surroundings do. (read entire article..)

Maps On The Move
Internet Week - September 12th, 2005
The global market for mobile location-based services, including mapping, is expected to zoom from less than $1 billion at the end of 2005 to more than $8.5 billion by the end of 2010, according to research firm Juniper Research. (read entire article..)

Web Maps Offer Info, Aid to Katrina Victims
National Geographic News - September 12th, 2005
Most of the images currently on the site are about a year old. But when Hurricane Katrina hit, Bret Taylor, product manager for Google Maps, and his team began developing an updated version of the New Orleans region. (read entire article..)
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