Friday, September 02, 2005

Google Maps Mania - A Spanish View

- A Spanish View

My call for a bilingual Spanish and English speaking Google Maps mashup enthusiast has been answered! Luistxo Fernandez, the creator of the great "Running of the Bulls Injuries" mashup and will be our correspondent here on Google Maps Mania describing all of the latest Spanish-language Google Maps Mashups. He will be covering mashups and tools created in Spain and Spanish-speaking Latin America. Luistxo is here with his first installment detailing 2 Spanish Google Maps Mashups!

Storks on Googlemaps

Two storks, one male (Espartero) and a female (Esperanza) flying around Spain and Portugal. Their real-time position is shown, and their route of the recent days is also traced. They must use some GPS attached to the birds, but the naturalists behind the project don't mention it.

showing Espartero's flights in the Spanish/Portuguese border.

Live webcams in Bilbao

This is the first example of traffic webcams in Spain. The webcam that is opened in the screenshot is nearest to the Guggenheim Museum, part of the titanium shape of this architectural marvel (so they say) by Frank Gehry shown on the left.
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