Friday, September 09, 2005

Google Maps + US Demographic Information = Useful Mashup

Here is a great Google Maps tool for plotting demographic information in areas of the U.S. on a Google Map. This tool allows you to click on an area of a U.S. Google Map and automatically display a detailed collection of census information for that zone in a 1, 5 and 10 mile radius of the position you centered on. For example, by clicking on a point in Los Angeles, I get the following:

(Click to view)

This tool makes use of 2000 U.S. Census data so the information might be a bit out of date, but the tool gives you a rough indication of the current situation in a given area. This Google Maps tool could be used by all levels of government to navigate census data that can be fine-tuned to a specific geo-location instead of trying to sift through tables and confusing text presentation. Another possible use is to center your local business or potential business location to gather information for a business plan or marketing campaign that you might be working on. The uses are endless!

This tool gives us a glimpse into how all location-based information (not just demographic data) could be displayed in Google Maps fashion in the future.. I personally think this mashup is very big and has huge potential for how this and other mashups can display information.
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