Friday, September 02, 2005

More Google Maps and Hurricane Katrina

Satellite Imagery

The Google Earth team
is updating this page to provide overlays (KMZ files) that you can download, then load in your Google Earth program. The overlays can be downloaded from here. Note these are for the Google Earth application that you can download, not the regular Google Maps site.

The Associated Press have hosted a viewer for the Digital Globe photos that I posted about previously. The images can be viewed using this Flash tool that allows you to view before and after views of the city of New Orleans. The images were taken on Aug. 31st at 10AM. [via]

Other News

Google Is Everywhere
Forbes Magazine - Sept. 2nd, 2005
Providing further evidence that Google is everywhere, now it's coming to the rescue of victims of Hurricane Katrina. In an effort to help displaced hurricane victims and their families, ad hoc communities of Internet users are using mapping technologies from Google to track storm damage, analyze aerial photos and try to make sense of what little information is available. (read full article)

Net offers map help after the flood
BBC News - Sept. 2nd, 2005
But the real interest is in the "mashups", websites that are combining the latest satellite imagery with maps and geodata to provide information on a more local scale. Using maps and images provided through Google Maps and Google Earth, a number of hackers are building detailed models of the flood-damaged areas.
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