Saturday, September 10, 2005

More Hurricane Katrina Google Maps sites

The Google Maps API has been used to power 3 more Hurricane Katrina sites focussed on the flooding in New Orleans and the relief efforts currently underway..

They are:

Overall Summary of all known Google Maps Hurricane Katrina Sites:

  • Google Maps satellite images of New Orleans - Taken at 10am on Aug.31, 2005

  • Information Map - Has been used to post or read known information about Katrina affected locations

  • - Maps homes and shelters for Katrina affected individuals

  • - Visually plots Craigslist housing posts

  • New Orleans Flood Map - Has helped to gage flood levels

  • Katrina People Map - Helping people get rescued in Katrina-affected areas

  • Surviving New Orleans Blog Map - References locations mentioned in the popular Interdictor blog

  • Katrina areas: Before and After - A tool to help you view the before and after Google Maps images of New Orleans

  • Tokyo vs. New Orleans - A tool which shows that the flood area in New Orleans is the same size as Tokyo, Japan

  • ..If I have missed any Katrina sites which are using Google Maps, please inform me by posting a comment to any blog post here on Google Maps Mania and I will ensure that these sites get communicated to the web community. All mashups will be updated in the right-side navigation link accessible from here.

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