Friday, September 09, 2005

New do-it-yourself Google Maps tool - CommunityWalk

CommunityWalk lets you set up unique interest communities or help with Katrina Relief using Google Maps

CommunityWalk joins the Google Maps tools category by providing a very intuitive interface to create your own themed communities. It offers a highly customizable Google Maps solution that lets you upload photos as well as leave any number of dated comments. A themed community is basically a themed map for whatever purpose you have. Examples could be locations of schools, parks, dive sites or locations of interest for a travel-tour to name a few examples.

Another possible application is to set up unique community groups assisting Katrina Relief efforts. If you do wish to set up a Katrina Relief community, please contact the mashup creator and he will lift all restrictions that are in place to support your map. In addition, the creator is also planning on donating 5% of proceeds (advertising, donations, etc) to community efforts for the life of CommunityWalk. The first of these efforts will be the relief effort for Hurricane Katrina.

Keep in mind that this mashup is still in beta and has been experiencing a few growing pains. If the site appears to be down just give it a few minutes and it should come back up. This would of course be in the spirit of many of these early Google Maps mashups that often ride on individuals home servers and are established using the personal knowledge and troubleshooting (and time!) to resolve issues relating to it. This should be kept in mind when evaluating any of the mashups here on Google Maps Mania. :)

Give Community Walk a test drive to discover all the features this tool has to offer you for your own do-it-yourself Google Maps creations!
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