Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Some new Google Maps mashups and tools

Here is a great new mashup that for all of the New York City Traffic Cameras

A nice tool that allows you to find multiple points of lat/long for multiple coordinates. [via]

A few Google Maps overlays showing you the locations of petroleum refineries along the Louisiana and Texas coast. These overlays show you the location of natural gas terminals, transmission stations and pipelines. In the wake of hurricanes in these areas some have discussed the damage of these locations affecting gas prices.
Petroleum Refineries near Houston and Texas City, TX
Petroleum Refineries near Port Arthur and Lake Charles
Petroleum Refineries near New Orleans, LA

RealTravel.com travel journals and reviews recently integrated with Google Maps.

And finally, a while back I commented that the Libmap UK mashup should win the contest put on by IdealGovernment.com to find Google Maps mashups using government information in the public domain. Seems it was one of the winners! :)
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