Thursday, September 08, 2005

Summary of all known Google Maps Katrina Mashups

Google Maps and the Google Maps API has been used to create sites that both articulate the damage left behind by Hurricane Katrina as well as helping in the aftermath for those directly affected. Below is an update of one new Google Maps mashup helping in the relief as well as a summary of all known Katrina-related Google Maps sites.

Craigslist Katrina housing posts + Google Maps = - has been established to visually plot the locations of Craigslist temporary housing posts onto a Google Maps overlay. The temporary housing posts originate at Craigslist and have been posted by people looking to offer a home to those displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

Geospatial Technology Offers Katrina Response Much, Delivers Some - The following editorial by Adena Schutzberg and Joe Francica of Directions Magazine chronicles how the online world and geospatial technology is helping in the Katrina response. It makes many references to how Google Maps and Earth have played an instrumental role in this recent event. It also points to some of the shortcomings in the overall geospatial data response as well.

Overall Summary of all known Google Maps Hurricane Katrina Sites:

  • Google Maps satellite images of New Orleans - Taken at 10am on Aug.31, 2005

  • Information Map - Has been used to post or read known information about Katrina affected locations

  • - Maps homes and shelters for Katrina affected individuals

  • - Visually plots Craigslist housing posts

  • New Orleans Flood Map - Has helped to gage flood levels

  • Katrina People Map - Helping people get rescued in Katrina-affected areas

  • Surviving New Orleans Blog Map - References locations mentioned in the popular Interdictor blog

  • Katrina areas: Before and After - A tool to help you view the before and after Google Maps images of New Orleans

  • Tokyo vs. New Orleans - A tool which shows that the flood area in New Orleans is the same size as Tokyo, Japan

  • ..If I have missed any Katrina sites which are using Google Maps, please inform me by posting a comment to any blog post here on Google Maps Mania and I will ensure that these sites get communicated to the web community. All mashups will be updated in the right-side navigation link accessible from here.

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