Monday, September 19, 2005

TimTV: Google Maps person viewer

Tim Hibbard wants you to know where he is. So much so that he carries around a mobile phone equipped with a a java GPS application that captures the current position and sends it to a server. The server then exposes this information via a web service so that a GPS parser can parse it and display it via this nifty site called: "Where's Tim?". This site features a ton of different ways to view the location.

'Where's Tim?' has some pretty neat features - jump-off capability to Google Earth, Microsoft Virtual Earth views and even an auto-refresh so that you don't miss a second of Tim's movement around the community of Lawrence, Kansas.

Here is some further explanation from Tim about the application:
My company (EnGraph) has written some software components that take basic GPS data and do cool stuff with it. We have teamed up with another company (Air-Trak) that has written a program called Cloudberry that runs on Nextel phones. This Cloudberry application runs on the java platform on the Nextel phone, reads the GPS data and sends it to an online database.

Other possible applications: Pets? Children? Vehicles?
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