Monday, September 19, 2005 releases new centering feature is a Google Maps mashup/tool that has taken the Pedometer concept to the next level. It allows you to use all the features and functionality of the Pedometer, but also gives you the ability to save your run routes and view popular routes for cities throughout the world. A friend of mine who visited Vancouver, Canada recently made use of while there on vacation to reference what run routes were suggested for that city. Before leaving, he even created and saved his own for others!

To make using the tool easier, the site has just added a feature that attempts to locate your IP address and if it finds it, should will roughly center the map around your neighborhood. This is a feature that should be considered for any mashup which is intended to be used locally.. especially for a local fitness tool like this.

..If you dig the new "merch" WJR has added as much as I do, you might even consider picking up a nifty "tee" to show off to your running friends what a tech-savvy runner you are! ;)
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