Monday, October 31, 2005

2 new Google Maps mashups: whales and plate tectonics

Puget Soundscape Map - Here is an interesting Google Map that tracks Brett Becker's journey throughout Puget Sound. He made the map while traveling around following Orca whales for 6 weeks. The map pins allow you to hear the sounds that he recorded. Read more about Brett's adventure here.

Google Map for Teaching Plate Tectonics - Hobart King, a geology professor at Mansfield University has created an interactive map for teaching and learning about plate tectonics. It features twelve plate boundary locations with clearly recognizable features such as volcanoes, linear lakes, faults or mountain ranges. The map will guide students to plate boundary locations and the selected features will help students understand their plate tectonic significance. Other maps from include: Meteor Impact Sites and Highest Points in All 50 States.
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