Friday, October 07, 2005

5 new Google Maps mashups!

Public Toilets in San Francisco - Yes, you read it right. User posted reviews of public "loos" in SF..

US Venue Mapper - is an events database powered by Google Maps that shows venues that can host corporate/private events. It also maps hotels, convention centers, restaurants, outdoor venues, etc.

Restaurant Reviews with Maps - Here is a new mashup from the upstart (more on Ning in a future post). The title says it all.. [via]

Bay Area Hiking Trails - Here is another supported mashup. Google Maps are a part of each trail page. [via]

New Google Maps Hurricane Tracker - Joining the likes of, here is a new hurricane tracker with a great interface to track hurricanes in world regions (West and East Pacific as well as the Atlantic Oceans). Choose a year and corresponding storm to see all the data that can be accessed from this great tool. [via]
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