Sunday, October 16, 2005

Birds of India and Marseille, France on Google Maps

Birds of India on Google Maps - Here is a Google Maps mashup of all the records of bird sightings in India. The mashup gives a nice distribution map of every bird species. It's a great tool that could really advance Indian ornithology.

Google Maps city guide of Marseille, France - Here is Google Maps mashup with an online city guide for the French city of Marseille. Although the guide is in French, the map pinpoints are very useful to locate tourist attractions. The Google Maps integration is matched with a photo as well. Here is an area map, and an example of an article. The complete city guide is available here. The mashup creator tells me that registered users can add their own locations. A truly organic city guide powered by Google Maps.

Both of these are examples of mashups that have been created by using only satellite imagery available for both India and France. Just imagine how these maps, and many more that have not yet been created will come alive when street mapping is available!

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