Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Google Maps mobile application update

The future of Google Local and Google Maps mashups will be the ability for users to access this mapping data while on the move. By making use of these new map creations people can obtain real-time location specific information displayed via a Google Maps interface on their mobile phones or Pocket PCs.

To get there we need applications that can bring these us these maps effectively on our mobile devices. Here are updates for three new and existing applications that can be used to access Google Maps from a mobile device:

HelloWorld for the Blackberry - The HelloWorld application for the Blackberry is now in Version 3. New features include: search result map markers, business searching, "My Places" storage of search results, and data usage tracking. Here are some screenshots of HelloWorld. [via]

KMaps includes "mobile mashup" support - When I last told you about KMaps at the end of July it was an application targeted just for the Treo 650. The application is now in version 1.5 and moved to: This latest version release features "mashup support" for Google Maps mashups to be displayed on your mobile device. Other features include: calculating walking distances, location services for a particular point, driving directions and notes you can add to a place on the map. The app also positions it's availability across many more devices such as the Blackberry. Check out these screenshots to see KMaps' many features in action:

J2ME Map - This is a new Google Map interface for J2ME (Midp) devices created by Thomas Landspurg. It currently only works on SonyEricsson and some Nokia models. The app has some pretty nifty features like "find research", world map display, RSS and Geoblogger integration.

..Be sure to check the Mobile & Wireless category of links here on Google Maps Mania for other Google Maps viewing apps and other Google Maps mashups dedicated to the mobile and wireless world.
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