Saturday, October 01, 2005

Google Maps week in review: NASA and NYSee

Here are a few Google maps things which took place this week that didn't get the attention it deserved from Google Maps Mania:

Google has partnered with NASA

This is big. Nobody really knows *why* it's big just yet since the details of the partnership are vague but when you consider that the company that has brought us such free and easy to use satellite imagery through applications like Google Earth and web-based Google Maps has partnered with the most prestigious space agency in the world, you just know good things will come from it.

Read more:

Schmidt's Google To Buddy Up With NASA - September 29th, 2005

Google, NASA sign 'a very big deal'

Miami Herald - September 28th, 2005

NYSee - New York City cams and traffic:

I know I made a mention of NYSee this earlier in the week, but it does deserve another mention as one of the great new Google Maps mashups to come out of New York City. New York has perhaps the most number of mashups of any world city at this point and NYSee comes in with great application for users in this city. NYSee has since added blockview photos since I last mentioned it. Check it out! :)
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