Thursday, October 27, 2005

Jeep uses Google Maps in new ad campaign

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Last month I told you about an interactive online ad campaign that was to integrate Google Maps, blogs and other web applications to promote the 2006 Jeep Commander. The campaign has gone live as of October 24th and you can view the website here:

The home page allows you to meet the Mudd family: Summer, Clay, Brock and Victoria. By clicking the Site Map link you can jump off to the "Virtual Geocaching" section. (At this point if you have a browser with a pop-up blocker enabled, allow pop-ups from this site to appear so you can continue.)

The next window uses Google Maps as the background with the new Jeep Commander positioned over the U.S. northwest. Click on Episode 1: "Meet the Mudds" and watch the first of 4 video segments in a Google Maps balloon zoomed in and positioned over the new Jeep Commander.

They have used the map in such a way that you can't really identify where the Mudds are. This was most likely to not draw any association with any one particular location in the U.S. It should be interesting to see how the Google Map background is used in the second episode of the Mudd's adventure.

The campaign will also use Google Maps in the following contest:
The Mudds Virtual Geo-Caching Contest
Visitors to The Mudds microsite will be invited to watch videos and use Google Maps to find geocaches that The Mudds have hidden, which contain bonus information about the family and a chance to win a 2006 Jeep Commander. Entrants are rewarded for their interaction with the site by earning additional entries to the sweepstakes with each interaction (i.e. downloading content, send-to-a-friend, etc.).
(If you're not familiar with geo-caching, Jeep has provided the following link.)

More details about the campaign can be found here. Stay tuned to this Google Maps ad mashup to see where the Mudd family is heading in their swanky new wheels!

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