Monday, October 17, 2005

New Google maps mashups: Seattle, Chicago, Portland

Seattle free wireless coffee shops - When you think of Seattle, you think of coffee. Here is a Google Map of places where you can enjoy a cup of it and use free wifi.

Find a hotdog stand in Chicago - Looking for some "street meat" in Chicago? Check out this Google Map which plots the location of hotdog stands. I just love the names of some of them - Toot's, Huey's, SuperDawg and Weiner's Circle! Based on the number shown on this map, there are sure to be more locations added over time.


City of Portland Property Search - I mentioned this Google Maps integration some time ago, but a screenshot and proper mention is deserved for the innovation that this US city sees in the Google Maps technology. The City of Portland has integrated Google Maps into their advanced property searches: Basic Assessor, Assessor Legal and Property Data Search. This search tool allows you to search the city's property data according to various criteria such as address, property ID, sale date, and market value. The search results are integrated with a pin showing the location(s) of properties on a Google Map as well as a tie-in to Google Earth. To try it out, search for the location of the Holiday Inn in downtown Portland: 1441 NE 2ND AVENUE

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