Tuesday, October 04, 2005

New layout and features on Google Maps

I'm noticing a few changes when I visit the Google Maps site today. First, the map centers around my present location (by ip address presumably). The map is also right-justified, leaving room for the left column to display results from Google Local. Is anyone else seeing this? Overall it seems that there is a tighter integration with features previously only accessible from Google Local, and not from the main Google Maps site.

Take a look: North America, UK, and Japan

My view:

UPDATE: Google Maps update may affect mashups:

It seems as though the update by Google might be affecting some Google Maps mashups which are in use on the web. Here is a comment that was entered on this earlier post:

"...Mike, not only did I notice it, but the changes they made have wrought havoc on CommunityWalk. It has errors everywhere now. The changes do not mesh well with the prototype javascript framework used extensively in Ruby on Rails. They really need to make it possible for developers to choose not to upgrade to more recent versions of an API!"

Is anyone else seeing their Google Maps integrations or mashups being affected by this Google Maps update?
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