Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Taiwan to Google Maps: We're not a province of China!

Taiwan has joined the list of governments making public declarations against Google's new mapping product. This time, it's not the satellite views that has Taiwan up in arms, but rather the labeling of Taiwan on the Google Maps site. Here is what has them upset:

Here are the recent headlines around the web about the matter:
Taiwan raps Google over map label
Taiwan protests over Google map
Taiwan huffs and puffs at Google Earth
Taiwan to Google: We're not a China province
(More headlines here..)

At least one blogger feels that Google is right.

My thinking is that Google will look the other way on this matter. If they budge, all territories undergoing some kind of dispute on their official geographic status will start lobbying Google to prove a political point or make headway in their cause.

What I find interesting is that governments are quickly recognizing Google as a global mapping authority and making great strides to make sure its name is correct or satellite views from it are concealed. The US government seemed to get their way on that request. :)
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