Friday, November 04, 2005

3 new European Google Maps mashups: UK, Finland, France

Panoramic Views of UK properties on Google Maps - Here is a new Google Map from the UK that shows locations of 360eTours' panoramics which have been photographed. The interface allows you to select a city, then choose the property types that you wish to display on the map. Click on the location and follow the link to a virtual tour of that spot! I think this is a great way to display the panoramics they have available for viewing.

Finland Travelers Information - Esa Ojala is a Google Maps mashup creator that has created a mashup of Finnish travel information for his country. This map (completely in Finnish language) contains pins for main cities and ski resorts. Information includes cheap gas, weather, webcams, city info and public transit. He is eagerly awaiting the release of Google Maps street map views so he can integrate roads into this mashup (and create more mashups!)..

French Build Portal + Google Maps - Here is a building/construction portal that mashes up with a contact database with 25,000 contacts from various skilled trades. The mashup is completely in french.

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