Saturday, November 12, 2005

4 new European Google Maps mashups!

Find Hotels in Rome, Italy - is a hotel bookings website that has integrated with Google Maps to show you the location of the hotels in Rome. The map has a cool function that automatically centers the map on the hotel listing you roll over with your mouse. Google Maps satellite imagery lets you see recognizable landmarks like Vatican City as well!

Germany Marathon Runs - A map with Marathon Runs in Germany and neighbouring countries for autumn 2005. Some runs contain a link to an external website for more information (All in German language).

Restaurants in Brighton, England - has integrated Google Maps for their indexed restaurants in Brighton, England. As you roll over restaurants in the list, their location is displayed on a Google Map.

Cheap petrol in the UK - has integrated with Google Maps to show taxi drivers (and you) were the cheap petrol is in the UK. TaxiGas lets you report your own cheap petrol sighting and also view the locations in Google Earth.

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