Friday, November 11, 2005

5 new U.S. Google Maps mashups!

Gay Bars and Clubs on Google Maps - is a Google Maps powered location-based resource for the frequent travelers of the transgender, gay and lesbian community to find bars, clubs and organization throughout the U.S.

(Other Bar & Restaurant maps can be found here)

New Florida Sex Offender Map - Here is a new sex offender map for the state of Florida. It allows you to map Florida sex offenders and predators from your address or zip code within 1, 3, 5 or 10 miles. Descriptions include name, address, picture and distance. This mashup has a *great* interface but should only be viewed in Internet Explorer (Some viewing troubles in Firefox)

(Other Sex Offender Maps can be found here)

Search for airfares on a Google Map - is travel search engine that helps you locate cheap airfares. The Google Maps twist is that all airfare search results are displayed on a unique Google Map to show you the departing cities and associated rates to your destination. The interface is pretty cool because as you drag the rate slider, the flights appear/disappear from the map. Try it out.. [via]

(Other Travel & Tourism mashups can be found here)

Maps of US Hotels - This mashup creates individual state maps showing hotel locations for each city. It's an interesting twist on the Google Maps hotel search, which is to start off at the map instead of started at an advanced text-based search tool (even if the mashup itself needs a bit of work).

(Other Hotel Search Maps can be found here)

Find Indian Temples in the USA - Here is a Google Maps mashup for locations of Indian temples of worship throughout the U.S. Browse by state by looking to the bottom for the list. The search method for this site needs a bit of work (list should move to the top, or be integrated better), but the results are there.

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