Thursday, November 17, 2005

5 World Google Maps Mashups!

India: Forts of Maharashtra - Here is a Google Map showing the locations of the Forts of Maharashtra in India. More history and information about these forts can be found here.

Egypt: Nile Delta Pyramids - Mostafa Hussein has set up this Google Map to show locations and photos of pyramids in the Nile delta using the Google Maps API.

Germany: distance between German/world cities - Use this Google Maps tool to determine the distance to other German and world cities. The tool is in German but should be quite straight forward to use.

Philippines: Various locations around Metro Manila - This map was created using the Google Maps API and has produced a Java webapp which receives updates via Smart Location Based Service (LBS). This map was to demonstrate this application but also stands to be the first Google Map I've found from the Philippines [via]

World: Tiki Bars + Google Maps - Here is a Google Map that will help you locate a tiki bar by rating, destination and category. It pulls from the database of these bars on Learn more about what a tiki bar is here.

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