Friday, November 04, 2005

7 new Google Maps mashups!

Bed & Breakfast Map (B&B) - Find a Bed and Breakfast in your area (U.S.)

WorldWide Dungeons and Dragons Game day (Nov. 5th) - This is a Google Map of many of the stores participating in Worldwide D&D Game Day. [via] Member Map - The site maps its members and shows you their photos.

RoadSummit Google Map - North American Google Map acts as a starting point to find traffic conditions and cameras for major cities in the U.S. (it also includes Toronto, Canada).

Branson, Missouri Map - Top 50 Attractions - Discover the Top 50 attractions for this US city.

Google's Summer of Code Project - A map displaying the global reach of a Google run program. Find out more about the Summer of Code here. [via]

U.S. Census mashup
- Here is another census mashup that uses Google Maps as the interface to another mapping package that displays census information about a particular area of the U.S. - Zoom out and around the U.S. map to choose another location than the one the map automatically centers on. More information can be found here.

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