Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Google Maps mashups in Waterloo Region

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Most of the Google Maps mashups that I mention here on Google Maps Mania are for U.S. locations or for countries like India, Japan, Australia or Spain. Google Maps is being used in 3 very unique ways in my local community that I'd like to share with you. I live in the Waterloo Region of Ontario Canada. Waterloo is home to tech companies like Research In Motion (who makes the Blackberry), SlipStream Data, Open Text and many more. It's a great community to live in. Check out how people in the Waterloo Region are using Google Maps in this community:

Google Maps integrates with radio station community directory - Local FM radio station Kool FM has integrated its business and community directory with Google Maps. The listings in the directory give the option for the visitor to "map this!". The mapping is integrated with Google Maps and was created by local design firm We Create. The "cool" part about the map interface is that by adding many of your own listings to it as you go, you end up building your own mini community Google Map on the fly! Give it a try..

University of Waterloo Student Housing Mashup
- Terrill Dent has created this awesome Google Map that "mashes up" the UW student housing database with Google Maps. Filter housing listings on the map by price starting at 0-300$, all the way up to $600+ (Canadian currency). The map even allows you to toggle the transit bus routes that feed in and around the university (9 routes in all). Terrill has plans to add the University of Guelph, so stay tuned!

Local blogger displays local restaurant reviews on Google Maps
- A local blogger/restaurant critic has mapped her reviews to a Google Map. Using CommunityWalk.com, the Sapphire Martini restaurant review blog has used the free mapping site to plot the locations of the restaurants that she writes reviews for. Community Walk is a site where you can make your own Google Map and requires no technical knowledge. Check out the good spots to eat in Waterloo Region from this Google Map!

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