Saturday, November 19, 2005

Google Maps Tools Roundup..

YourGMap lets your create your own Google Map in minutes - YourGMap joins the list of sites that allow you to build your own Google Map without having coding knowledge or register for the Google Maps API. The interface is very easy to use and there is extensive customization of map markers, map views and locations (includes latitude and longitude for those countries which do not have street maps). This is a great addition to the Google Maps world to encourage everyone to create their own Google Map! (Don't forget one of the originals: in the same category)

Embed a Google Map in your Movable Type blog posts - The Map Room has tipped us off on a plugin that allows you to embed a Google Map in your blog posts if you're using the Movable Type blog publishing platform. [via]

PHP Google Maps GuestMap Script - Chris over at Thompson Business Designs has created a Guest Map script written in PHP that uses the Google Maps API. Check it out here.

- This project enables you to upload a NMEA file or GPX file with logged track data and visualize it dynamically. The tracks are stored in a database and when you import digital pictures created with a modern digital camera, it is possible to automatically couple the pictures with the track. When you zoom in or out, the resolution of the visible track will dynamically increase or decrease, allowing big logs to be visualized. Both the English and Dutch version supports NMEA and GPX uploading. Examples: [An visualized imported NMEA file]

GPS Visualizer - This form will automatically overlay your data on street maps and satellite imagery in Google Maps.

Interact with visitors to your website using Mapissimo & Google Maps - Mapissimo
offers a new way to communicate with people visiting your website. Create a Google Map for yourself and see live visitors to your web site on the map. To set up a map for your site, copy/paste one single TAG into your homepage.

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