Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Map your community with Google Maps!

The ability to easily create an online map using the Google Maps API is certainly changing the way that we find information in our community, but let's face it, not everyone can pick up the Google Maps API and start making an online map. Here are some new and existing Google Maps creation tools which require no coding or technical knowledge to build a map or share information about your local community:

"Local".. lets you map your world - Frappr is the popular Google Maps site that lets you create your own Google Map for your website, group or club. (That reminds me, have you placed a pin on mine yet?) Frappr has introduced a way for registered users (free) to mark locations and share places in their community on a Google Map. Small community or campus newspapers, or radio stations could use this service to share points of interest with listeners or readers, or community groups could map projects they are engaged in throughout their region. This is a great extension of the social networking app that Frappr has already released. Check out Frappr Local:

Yelp is Google Map-tastic in San Francisco - Yelp is a website that allows real people to review local restaurants, clubs and other businesses in their community. Yelp has just added a new service called Yelp Map-tastic where reviews from the Yelp review database are plotted on a Google Map. Featuring only San Francisco at this point, there is no doubt that other cities in Yelp's list will find their way to a Google Map soon. Check out SF Yelp Map-tastic:


Sharing places in NYC - I mentioned community mapping app yesterday but it does deserve another mention for their user-submitted map pins. This feature gives the ability for anyone in New York City to share information about a particular point among other events and information pins that are present on the map.

Here are some existing do-it-yourself Google Maps creation tools that will foster the same community sharing concept as these new tools which have been mentioned above:
Now get out there and make a map for your community!

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