Tuesday, November 29, 2005

News and blog-post roundup


How Do I Get to Brooklyn? Google it!
Columbia Spectator - Nov.29/05
Online maps market: MapQuest - 71%, Yahoo! Maps - 32%, Google Maps - 25%
ZDNet - Nov.28/05
Fotki Inc. Puts Forward a Cool Ability to Browse Photo Albums
PRWeb - Nov.26/05
TheInvisibleAd.com - Million Dollar Homepage Meets AJAX
NewsWireToday - Nov.25/05
Google attracts developers
ITWorld - Nov.23/05
Google offers free net access for flyers (See: Google Space)
TechDigest.tv - Nov.23/05
Treasure Map - by Wynn Quon
National Post - Nov.17/05


eHub Interviews MapBuilder (Search for more Google Maps content from EmilyChang.com here)
eHub/EmilyChang.com - Nov.26/05
Question: Google Maps and Old Versions of Safari
The Map Room - Nov.25/06
Google Leading Web 2.0
Baz Web Development - Nov.25/05
55 Ways: You Can Write a Chapter Using a Wiki
Google Blogoscoped - Nov.23/05
BlogBuzz: Web2.0 Validator
(Seeing lots of chatter about this tool!)
Web 2.0 Design Principles - a Case Study
ReadWriteWeb.com - Nov.17/05

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