Sunday, November 27, 2005

Sunday Google Maps Assortment..

Starbucks Challenge Google Map - Google Maps is being used to hold world coffee monolith Starbucks to its word: promising to serve fair trade coffee.

Car game on a Google Map - A person in Japan has created a small java app that lets you control a small car over a Google Map. The accompanying text is in Japanese, but the controls are [space] to accelerate and [left/right] keys to steer. More info here (Babelfish could be used to translate?) It would be cool to create options to switch to satellite views for this game and actually have some fun driving around your community! Anyone have some time? :) [via]

1976 short film mapped out on Google Maps - "C'├ętait un rendez-vous" is a 9 minute short fim that was shot from the front bumper of a Ferrari as it screams through Paris. The entire film can be viewed here (Quicktime is required). Someone has "Google Mapped" the route the car takes in the film.. [via]

Washington D.C. Boundary Stones on Google Maps - Mark Zimmermann is attempting to chronicle U.S. history on Google Maps: "...The District of Columbia is a diamond-shaped square, ten miles on a side. In 1791-92 Andrew Ellicott, with Benjamin Banneker and colleagues, slashed through the wilderness, surveyed the bounds of the Federal City, and placed marker stones every mile along the edge. Many of these forty historic stones yet survive. My self-imposed quixotic mission: visit them, photograph them, and record their GPS coordinates." Check out his map and read more details and view photos of the stones here. This is another great example of how the Google Maps API is being used to allow others to explore and discovery history in a visual format.

A very Google Maps Christmas Card
- Barry Crawford has finished his 2005 design for his Google Maps Christmas card. This year, he has included directions to the North Pole via "Google Maps" (sorta)! Check out the card here.. Pretty good Barry! :)

Cool Google Travel Map - Austrian media student Max Rebol is a world traveler. Check out his nifty Google Map (complete with fancy frame) for places he has visited.

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