Tuesday, December 20, 2005

4 New York City Google Maps Mashups!

Virtual New York City Tour - For the past 6 months Taher Baderkhan has been taking thousands of pictures and making use of a GPS device to bring together a Google Maps mashup that is similar to the A9.com blockview concept for New York City. The result is a unique virtual tour that lets you navigate in the city by walking forward, backward, and sideways using a Google Map as your guide. He has also added hundreds of descriptions for stores and historical sites. Take a walk to try it out!

Real Estate Advisor - Here is a new Real Estate Map for NYC that Curbed.com has tipped us off on. It allows you to search for housing listings across many different real estate firms' websites and plot them on one Google Map. Give it a try.. [via]

NYC Emergency Food Programs Map - A unique mapping project is underway using the Google Maps API by the New York City Coalition Against Hunger, an umbrella group for New York's more than 1,100 charitable soup kitchens and food pantries. This project demonstrates a complimentary use of ArcGIS, ArcWeb Services, and the Google Maps API. You can search by zipcode or view a map of the entire city.

Brooklyn Community Google Map - Here is a Google Map for the Williamsburg & Greenpoint area of Brooklyn in New York. It contains a listing of bars and other establishments, as well as wifi locations and points to obtain Internet access.

More NYC mashups can be found here (NYC Transit maps are here)

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