Monday, December 05, 2005

4 U.S. Google Maps Mashups: biodiesel, HDTV, ATMs, FiOS broadband

Find a biodiesel retail station in the US - Here is a Google Map that shows you the close to 500 locations to buy biodiesel in the United States. It mashes up data from

Find a local HDTV station in the US - Before you rush out and purchase that HDTV set this Christmas, you'd better take a look at this Google Map mashup. HDTV Magazine has assembled a list of all of the markets currently carrying digital content, either as Standard or High Definition.

Find an ATM by zipcode - Here is a Google Map search tool that lets you locate an ATM by zipcode and bank name. It even has the Google Maps direction feature enabled. Certainly a useful tool this time of the year..

Find Verizon FiOS broadband in your area - FiOS is arguably the fastest home broadband service (up to 15Mbps) now available in the US and this Google Map created by will help you locate availability through national provider Verizon. This map clusters points together, so it works efficiently from the US view all the way down to sub-division. Many of the points link to member reviews of the service.

(Other DSLReports Mashups: FiOS predicted map, Members/Tech Map)

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