Thursday, December 01, 2005

8 new U.S. Google Maps mashups!

New Gas Price Mapping Tool - Wolf Blitzer on CNN talked up this new Gas price mapper the other night. It's a great tool to find out the nearest gas stations to a specific location, including the cheapest and most expensive gas prices to that point. It also maps the national average, low and highest price (currently in Hawaii).. It also has a pretty nifty site design! [Thanks to A. Richard Hale]

School Performance Mapping In California - School Performance Maps provides a "bird's eye view" of public school performance, based on test scores, currently with coverage of California and looking to expand to other states in the future.

1001 Fishing Spots - Claiming to have 1001 fishing spots, this map lists National Parks, Wildlife Refuges and other locations to drop a line in the water

Seattle Gay Bars and Clubs - Listings, reviews and an introduction to the Pike/Pine neighborhood of Seattle where most of the places are located.

Colorado Backcountry Interactive Boundary Map - An map setup to map the favorite locations of one person that ventures to the Colorado backcountry. Markers show data about the way point, weather, snow conditions, and trip report links. [via]


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