Wednesday, December 28, 2005 mashes up Google Maps & Amazon is a product of Rod Edwards from frigid Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He has mashed up Google Maps, Amazon ECS and has built in IP localization and customizable RSS feeds. The result is a totally free classified ad site with a web 2.0 twist. Using Google Maps for primary navigation, this allows to you search as local or as global as you'd like. You can also layer more traditional search parameters on top of your searching - categories, keywords, etc.. Another key feature is the ability to haul in product data from Amazon for posting ads in certain categories. For example, enter the UPC code of a DVD you want to sell, and pictures and product description info are added to your classified automatically. Finally, customizable geographic RSS feeds provide a means to stay on top of items for sale in your area, or add relevant classifieds to your community website. Example: OhMyCharlotte is a community website for Charlotte, NC, that uses a custom BlockRocker RSS feed to add classifieds posted in Charlotte to their website. The RSS feeds are also being picked up by FreeCycle groups as better means of staying in touch than email listservs.

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