Friday, December 09, 2005

The drinks are on Google Maps!


Well, it's Friday and what a better time to bring you the latest "round" of Google Maps mashups to find a drinking hole in NYC, Chicago and Milwaukee!

NYC Subway and Bar Map - Promoting safe transport to and from any bar in New York City, New York On Tap has created a unique subway and bar map which mashes up Google Maps, the OnNYTurf NYC subway map and a NYC directory of bars, taverns and clubs. For example, search for "Cherry Tavern" on this map and once it locates it for you on the Google Map, it also lets you click surrounding subway stations to determine the proximity to each. Alas, a tool to get you to and from your desired drinking location quickly!

Find drink specials in Chicago and Milwaukee - Looking for the best happy hour specials in the cities of Chicago or Milwaukee? is a Google Maps powered search that will help you locate the drink "BAR"-GOONS in these 2 U.S. cities. Filter your search by day, zipcode and the type of drink deal you're looking for!

Have one for me! CHEERS! :)

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