Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Google Maps MyBuddyMap is a new social networking app

The Google Maps API is empowering a new environment for Internet-based social networking applications to exist. Maps have helped to add a layer of physical location-relevance by letting people share their geographic location with others (at the level of detail which they are comfortable with disclosing - eg: country, state or even city).

Here is a new Google Maps powered social networking app that is helping to reshape the web:

MyBuddyMap hits the social networking web scene by using Google Maps to make it fun and exciting to "map out" your buddies and chat or post comments in a friendly environment. To get started, register for a free account, and create your own "BuddyMap". Share your BuddyMap URL with others or post an actual Google Maps BuddyMap to your blog or website. You can also sign other maps as a registered user. This new service takes many elements of existing Google Maps social networking apps and rolls it all into one!

Here are some other Google Maps powered social networking web apps:
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