Thursday, December 22, 2005

Google Maps News and Blog-Post Roundup


Bloke finds self on Google Earth
The Register - Dec.20/05
New Yorkers cope with transit strike
C|Net - Dec.20/05
Where in the World Is...
Wall Street Journal - Dec.19/05 Adds Google Maps Mash-up Functionality
PRWeb - Dec.19/05
Intranet Trends to Watch for in 2006
CIO Magazine - Dec.19/05
Web 2.0 mania revives dot-com investing
Seattle Times - Dec.19/05
Mapping mayhem: Around the world with Google Earth and Co.
Deutsche Presse-Agentur - Dec.18/05
Google Verifies that GIS Is Media
GeoWorld Magazine - Dec.18/05
Google plots local map (Google is ramping up its operations in Australia)
AustralianIT - Dec.14/05
Trendsurfing: Map mash-ups
The Times (UK) - Dec.17/05
CEO Schmidt Test Runs Google Transit [via] - Dec.8/05


Wall Street Journal Traffic Spikes (Adam Howitt's Blog) - Dec.21/05
Google Earth censored in China? - Dec.17/05
In the material world (Google Maps in Heathrow Airport)
Official Google Blog - Dec.15/05
Google Maps Fan Creates His Own TV Ad - Dec.14/05
Taking the Mashups to the Server-Side - Dec.14/05
Damn Canadians - Google Mapping imagery reveals "Maple B" invasion of US - Dec.14/05

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