Monday, December 12, 2005

Google Maps News Mashups: Washington Post, AP, bird flu

Washington Post World News Map - RSS feeds have been used by Adam DuVander to create this unique world news mashup. The map displays color coded symbols over each region to show the concentration of stories based on the last 14 days. Clicking the symbols shows you the recent stories with applicable links to the news piece or to all stories for that region. For more Washington Post mashups, check out Post Remix, the brainchild of's (and now Adrian Holovaty.


Associated Press (AP) News Mashup - This news mashup takes the current stories from AP's U.S. National News RSS Feed and plots the stories on a Google Map. For the time being it only plots the current U.S. National stories (typically 10). It was created using the AP RSS Feed + the Yahoo! Geocode API + Google Maps. For more information on how it was created check here. Check out the AP News Map here:

Tracking the global outbreak of Avian Flu - has established a map which plots all significant news items pertaining to the global outbreak of avian (bird) flu, geographically. The information that is mapped is taken from news articles on this page. Linking to these stories directly from the map would make this map even more informative and useful. For more news on Avian Flu, check Google News. [via]

More Current Events and News Mashups can be found here.

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