Thursday, December 22, 2005

New Google Maps mashups for Toronto

360 degree panoramic views of Toronto - has created a Google Map of locations throughout the city of Toronto where you can interact with panoramic views of various locations. Dubbed the "See Toronto" project its aim is to promote tourism for the city. You can view the CN Tower, Rogers Centre (formerly the SkyDome), University of Toronto and Toronto City Hall (among others). (Hint: to view the CN Tower, choose the Metro Toronto Convention Centre pin and pan around).

Find a sweet shop in Toronto - has created a "yummy" Google Map for the city of Toronto. It helps you locate bakeries, chocolate stores and ice cream stores.

Mississauga Real Estate Map - Mark Argentino has used the Google Maps API to plot his MLS listings to a Google Maps interface. I picked this up from Mark's real estate blog. Mark is definitely employing some innovative and low cost technologies for his personal marketing efforts.

Other Toronto Google Maps Mashups include:
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