Monday, December 26, 2005

New Google Maps Mashups from Japan

Google Maps Mashups from Japan

Yuuki Aki (A.K.A. "Akky") joins the Google Maps Mania team as our new contributor from Japan. Japan is experiencing the same Google Maps mashup explosion that the UK and North America is and Akky will be showing us maps that have been made using the API in this country. While most all of these maps will be in Japanese the English descriptions are aimed to inspire readers to develop similar maps in their own local language.

Cinema Theaters in Yurakucho - Theatre chain Eiga-seikatu (Movie-Life) has created a list of theaters in the area of Yurakucho, Tokyo. Yurakucho is in the vicinity of the Imperial Palace.

Japan Guesthouses - This Google Map lists inexpensive accommodation for all of Japan.

Japanese Dating Master Map - The website comes out as "Date Tu(two)" meaning "dating master" in Japanese. This website is a community site where people can exchange cool sights and restaurants for others going out on dates. They have used the Google Maps API to plot these locations for various cities (Tokyo, Yokohama and Odaiba).

Google Maps made to look like Google Earth - (Scroll down on this page to see the map screenshots) This is a map that I found that has the effect of a Google Earth view using flat maps from Google Maps. If anyone can tell more about the map and how it was made (from a Japanese website), please let me know.

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