Tuesday, December 13, 2005

News and blog-post roundup


Do-It-Yourself Cartography
New York Times Magazine (requires registration) - Dec.11/05
Google Earth for Mac OS X Beta posted online (download link)
MacDailyNews - Dec.9/05
IDC:Changes in Spatial Information Management That Will Impact Most IT Companies
(Commentary on this release here)
Kauppalehti Online - Dec.8/05


2005 - The Year of the Online Digital Map
Hacking-GPS.com - Dec.12/05
Three things you probably didn't know about what google maps knows about Ireland
handelaar.org - Dec.11/05
Google Transit a no-go with Safari
tuaw.com - Dec.10/05
Google Transit Debuts-maybe with Google Talk on way?
ZDNet Blog - Dec.8/05
Mashups - the Future of Web Applications?
OpenEverything.org - Dec.8/05
Building a Post-Modern World (Wide Web)
AdBumb.com - Dec.7/05
Google Mapping Columbia
Colaspot - Dec.6/05
How to Make Your Own Web Mashup
ProgrammableWeb.com - Dec.5/05

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