Thursday, December 01, 2005

A Spanish View - Spain as a wi-fi nation, seen from satellite

Luistxo from Tagzania is our eyes and ears for everything Spanish in the world of Google Maps. He's back with another batch of mashups to explain. His previous posts can be found here.

Spain as a wi-fi nation, seen from satellite

Geoviviendas.comLately, several commercial services in Spain have decided to list themselves also in maps. There's E-Renova, which lists places where you can buy used cars, and GeoivivendasGeo-homes) which wants to be place itself as a free real-state listing site offering Google Maps (very few listings for the moment).

Another real-state mapping site,, in this case with ads from Madrid and Barcelona syndicated from classifieds website Loquo.

Perhaps there's more movement in the wifi-hotspot area. Local initiatives like Euskal-Wireless in Donostia, and the more ambitious FON movement, launched by Argentinian entrepreneur Martin Varsavsky, who hopes to create a global network of user-based wifi hotspots FON mapsto provide free or almost free phone and Internet connectivity through that. FON was launched two weeks ago in Spain, but it will probably expand to other countries. Maps are a basic feature of the network, and there they are. If you click on the image or visit the site, you'll see that this mashup has a multilingual interface.

Finally, another blog devoted to satellite sightseeing through Google Maps,
Vista Satélite.

(It should be mentioned that Luistxo and Tagzania's creators (CodeSyntax) are behind the maps of the FON network, altogether with another Basque company.)

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