Wednesday, December 14, 2005

XBox360 Locator Google Maps Dec. 18th shipment

Back on November 21st I told you about the Google Maps based XBox360 Locator. It allowed you query Best Buy's stock levels for the arrival of the new gaming system. That Google Maps mashup has undergone an update. Here is more from the site:

Score an Xbox 360 at Best Buy next week!

Before the Xbox 360 launched, we hosted an application allowing people to find out how many consoles their local Best Buy stores had received in the first Xbox 360 shipment. Now, we are doing the same, but for the upcoming December 18th shipment! BestBuy seems to be getting the largest allocations out of any retail channels, but you'll definitely want to line up at least a few hours early, if not the night before! Try it out!

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