Friday, January 13, 2006

2 new U.S. Google Maps restaurant mashups

Dallas Restaurant Inspection Scores Mapped - This is a great use of the Google Maps API which helps you search and map the database of restaurant inspection scores for Dallas, Texas. Mashup creator Michael S. Muegel has done an fantastic job creating info balloons that contain mini reports that you can toggle within the popup. This link takes you to the map front-end and geographical features are also tightly integrated via 'search near address', 'map establishment', and 'find nearby features' links. Other Google Maps examples in this mashup: Jump to a location and Jump to an establishment. Michael has even set up a blog to help you keep current with the features of this map.

New York City + Google Maps - Will Schenk had a thought: "...I live in New York City and I eat out a lot. I end up going to the same places a lot of the time, places in familar haunts or places I hear about from other people. But it often happens that I'm little for something in a neighborhood and there no good way of doing proximity exploring. I'm always scrolling through citysearch for example trying to find a sushi-no-maybe-indian place in some neighborhood I'm not familiar with. So I decided to take my favorite site,, which has the menus of these places online, and plug it into google maps." Check out the mashup he created here.

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