Wednesday, January 18, 2006

5 new U.S. Google Maps mashups: NYC beer/music, peaks, Youthworks

New York City: Good music and 1 great beer - has created a nifty little Google Map for New York City folks looking for some live music. Map-search options allow you to sort the locations based on the venue having lots of great beers with some even hard to find, straight down to "at least 1 great beer"! :) Good fun.

U.S. High Point Explorer Map - This Google Map allows you to view highpoints for the United States as a whole or states individually. For the US, there are several specific views. For states, you can view by highpoints or by county. In addition, there is a unique view called 'Regional', which allows you to view the top 50 highpoints in the current map window. You can zoom in or out and refresh the regional list. Peaks are also listed in a handy interactive sidebar, which you can click on to view the peak on the map.

Youthworks Reservation Site Map
- has put a lot of thought and effort into the user interface of this Google Maps mashup with locations of their site reservation locations across North America - I especially like the zoom tool they've employed here. There is a detailed case study on this map creation here.

Other Maps:
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