Tuesday, January 10, 2006

6 new U.S. Google Maps mashups: ISPs, Doctors & Murders

Internet Service Provider Map - DSLReports has set up this Google Map of U.S. ISPs. The map markers indicate if the provider is a telco, offers cable, fiber or wireless services. If you're looking for the providers in your area you can even enter your zip code. (Check other DSLReports mashups linked from the top right of this page)

Google Maps doctor search - Healthia.com has introduced this Google Maps mashup of doctors offices across the U.S. To start your search you must have a zip code ready (use 71119 to test it out) with optional information like number of miles you're willing to drive, specialty, Doctor's name or the minimum number of years practicing. Results are plotted for you on a nifty little Google Map.


Murders in Rochester New York - Here is another great example of how journalists are making use of the Google Maps API to help readers visualize a location-based developing story. The Rochester Democrat & Chronicle has created a Google Map in this article which describes why the city has the worst homicide rate in the state of New York. View the map they have created by clicking the graphical link within the story. The Toronto Star in Ontario has also created a 2005 homicide map.


Other New Google Maps Mashups:

Club & Bar Maps - Includes: cities in Arizona, California and Nevada
New York City Wine Shops - Most all wine shops in Manhattan
Fifty-50 Roller Blading Gear Maker Dealer Map

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