Friday, January 20, 2006

Canadian Election Google Maps Mashups

Canadians go to the polls this Monday, January 23rd in a rare mid-winter federal election. To encourage people to vote and build some interest around the election the Google Maps API has been used by Chris Nolan to create The Canadian Election 2006 Mashup. It mashes up with his unique polling website "". From the map's page: "Each point on the map is a riding. Click the point to see more details about that riding, including links to give your opinion on who you'd like to win, and who you think will win that riding. The colours of the points indicate what party is currently ahead, according to your opinions (white means no one answered for that riding yet). Click to show the colours based on 'Would Like to' win". (At time of posting some of the site's functionality was to be fixed: postal code lookup and a few links on the page need to be corrected.)

Another previously mentioned Canadian Election mashup is here: - This mashup aggregates poll data from SES CPAC, Strategic, Ekos and Decima

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