Sunday, January 08, 2006

Cool Google Maps Geo Tools gives way to

Back on December 6th I linked to a collection of very cool geotools created by Jonathon Stott. His collection of tools includes a world placename finder, elevation finder, sunrise calculator and many other great resources that use Google Maps as an interface for viewing. Jonathon has contacted me about his revamp of the site and the new domain he put on the tools - In addition to a fantastic new interface with a world Google Map meeting you upon arrival, now has timezone data for the whole world. Jonathon has also added height/elevation data for the whole of mainland Europe and equivalent height data for the United States of America is busily uploading (some 1.9GB of data!). You can see a map of the coverage which he will update regularly. He also has more location information, including UTM references and (over the UK) local grid references. I will extend the local grid references to other countries with their own reference system (such as Sweden and Ireland) in due course. His Cool Google Maps Geo Tools can be found by clicking through his "webservices" link along the top. Great work on this site Jonathon!

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