Thursday, January 12, 2006

Google Maps Mania is on NPR today!

(updated 5:22pm ET):
Welcome to all NPR listeners!
Please view our Mashups and Tools Index, linked along the right side of this blog, for many examples of the great things that people are creating using Google Maps!
(NPR Article Page: Tailor-made Cartography with Google Maps)


I'll be on the National Public Radio (NPR) show "All Things Considered" today chatting with Robert Siegel about my Google Maps Mania blog and the Google Maps mashup craze. If you have the chance, listen live to an NPR station that carries this show or check this site at approximately 7:30ET for an audio stream of the interview.

NPR Creates a Google Maps mashup of their own!

Looking for your nearest NPR station? NPR has created a very unique Google Maps mashup for listeners to locate an NPR station in their local area. The mashup builds on the existing station search that lets your filter stations by city, zip code or call letters. You now have the ability to "Google Map" your search results or plot an individual station in the list to a Google Map. The really cool part about this mashup is that it takes the signal strength of the station and creates circular bands around the station. This allows you to map the stations in your area or even help in planning a road trip across many states to determine what frequency to call up on your car radio. This is an "awesome" mashup!

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