Monday, January 02, 2006

Google Maps News and Blog-Post Roundup


Top Ten of 2005: Doing the mapping, setting the standard: Google - Jan.02/06
Even on Net, fewer men seek directions - Dec.29/05
Expert Group on Google Earth Soon (India) Dec.26/05
Google Agrees to Limit Resolution of Israel Satellite Photos [via]
Israel National News - Dec.25/05
New, Improved Web (A great multi-part feature) - Dec.23/05
Software AG Using Ajax to Develop SOA and Web Services For Google
Sys-Con Brasil - Dec.23/05
Maps are a real find [via] - Dec.20/05
Most Predictable Stories of 2005: Google Maps
WIRED News - Dec/05


XBox Live - the missing API - Jan.01/05
Wider Angle Awards: Best Mashup of 2005 - Google Maps Mania - Dec.31/05
Top Cyberjournalist Story: Google Maps - Dec.30/05
Weird structures on Galveston Island
Lou Minatti - Dec.27/05
My Favorite Map Sites of 2005
PEP Tech Talk - Dec.26/05
Google Earth CTO Michael Jones's GIS day talk, now on video. - Dec.21/05
Branch Map Mashups Using Google
StephensLightHouse - Dec.23/05

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